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Cement Mortar Flexural and Compressive Strength Testing Machine

 Cement Mortar Flexural and Compressive Strength Testing Machine



1.    Applications

This cement mortar flexural and compressive strength testing machine is for determining the flexural and compressive strength of moulded mortar specimens. The flexural strength of mortar is determined by three point loading of hardened moulded mortar prism specimens to failure. The compressive strength of the mortar is determined on the two parts resulting from the flexural strength test.

2.    Size of mortar for flexural strength test

Cement prism specimen: 40X40X160mm

3.    Brief introduction of cement flexural and compressive strength test procedure

Cement flexural strength test

1)    Place the cement prism in the test machine with one side face on the supporting rollers and with its longitudinal axis normal to the supports.

2)    Select the apply rate and apply the load vertically by means of the loading roller to the opposite side face of the prism until fracture.

3)    Keep the prism halves damp until tested in compression

Cement compressive strength test

1)    Center the prism halves laterally to the platens of the testing machine.

2)    Increase the load smoothly at a set rate over the entire load application until fracture.

4.    Software for cement flexural and compressive strength test

4.1 Windows based interface, easy and fast to reach different functions, suitable for most of operators using habits.

4.2 The software provides multi functional control mode: Load (stress) control; Displacement (Stroke) control, Strain (Deformation) control, Load keeping, Displacement keeping, Customized programming control ect.

4.3 In stroke control mode, operator can define customized test speed to conform to different test standard. Preset limit position and return position will secure the safety and return the crosshead automatically after test finished. In program control mode, the testing machine is controlled by conditional programs, operator can input each condition to regulate test process, and software can realize constant parameter control through this function.

4.4 Realize the testing diagram online display and reproduction.

4.5 Zoom in or out the test diagram at any place with any rate.

4.6 Auto suit the diagram according to display resolution

4.7 Coordinates point tracing to check the test results in each point

4.8 The software provides different way to create test report: Single material test report, Batch material test report, Customized test report, Coordinates point test report

4.9 test curves: load-time, extension- time, load-displacement, load-extension, stress-strain,etc

5.    Relative test method

GB/T 17671 Method of testing cements-Determination of strength

ISO 679 Methods of testing cements-Determination of strength

ASTM C 349 Standard Test Method of Compressive Strength of Hydraulic-Cement Mortars(using Portions of Prisms Broken in Flexure)

ASTM C 348 Test Method for Flexural Strength of Hydraulic-Cement Mortars

BS EN 1015-11 Methods of test for mortar for masonry- Part 11: Determination of flexural and compressive strength of hardened mortar

6.    Specifications for cement flexural and compressive strength testing machine

Max. capacity: 300KN

Measuring range: 6-300KN

Precision of indicating value: 1%

load rate:1-10KN/S

displacement rate: 0.01-50mm/min

vertical distance between compression platens: 250mm

compression platen: Φ100mm

flexural accessory: for specimen 40X40X160mm

dimension of main machine:830x 530X1450mm

weight: 300kg

voltage and power: 220V, 600W


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